Internal research group for the project "Digitizing the Darmstädter Tagblatt"

Internal group to plan and discuss anything to do with Discourse Lab

The research group "CQPweb and CQPweb corpora" is dedicated to build and maintain linguistically annotated corpora for a broad range of research interests. This course is only accessible for members of the research group. The corpora, however, are available for analysis in our installation of CQPweb. Access may be restricted depending on the license of the content.

Examples of the publicly available corpora (registration required)

The "Corpus of Minutes of Plenary Proceedings" comprises the minutes of the plenary proceedings of the German Parliament. (the corpus texts are in German)

The "Corpus of Minutes of Plenary Proceedings | Zwischenrufe" comprises the interruptions and heckling during the debates of the German Parliament. (the corpus texts are in German)

The "Deutscher Novellenschatz" is a collection of German novellas edited by Paul Heyse and Herrmann Kurz and published in 24 volumes from 1871 to 1876.

This course provides the collaboration space for the research group "Cooperation Darmstadt Heidelberg"